Bryan Travis Robison – General Agent

bryan robison

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2518
Hillsboro, MO 63050

Office:   636-797-8222
Fax:      972-616-6141
Cell:      314-221-4559

Bryan Travis Robison, was born on July 27, 1978. He grew up in St. Louis, MO, but as an adult lived in Jefferson County. Bryan has lived in Mississippi and Kansas.

As a child, Bryan was very enthusiastic about business opportunities and started his entrepreneurial career washing cars and cutting lawns in his neighborhood. Bryan attended two military schools (Pruitt Military Academy & Cleveland NJROTC) for a total of 6 years and then graduated from South County Technical High School at the age of 17. While at South County Tech, Bryan earned the top grade in business academics with a year average of 95%.

While in high school, Bryan started working for his cousin’s restaurant, Gino’s Restaurant. At age 15, he started as a dishwasher, but rapidly moved up to busboy. At age 17, Bryan began to cook on the line and eventually became the under-chef of the restaurant. After leaving Gino’s, Bryan began to manage two local restaurants. Bryan decided to come back to Gino’s because he was able to focus on one restaurant.  At 19, Gino’s owner, John Vitale, gave the authority over to Brayn. Bryan began to operate the restaurant and manage the day to day operations including payroll, hiring and firing, etc. At 20, after the birth of his first child, Bryan decided the restaurant business was not the career path he wanted to take.

At 21, Bryan opened a courier company; this put him on the road for long periods of time. At 24, Bryan sold the courier company and began working for a collection agency, where Bryan excelled and became the top collector in a Fortune 500 company and moved into management. At 26, Bryan started in the bail bond industry, after being introduced to a guy who was a bondsman. Bryan started writing bonds in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles, Jefferson County, Lincoln County, Franklin County and many of the municipalities. Bryan was hailed as one of the most caring and willing bail bondsman in the St. Louis Region. Bryan has the respect of the judges, clerks and sheriffs. One judge, in the 22nd Judicial Circuit, stated, “Bryan, it is an honor to work with someone who is so willing to raise the bar in a very corrupt industry. The courts need more people like you in this very important piece of the judicial process. Thank you very much.”

In 2012, Bryan decided, with his father, Stephen Robison Sr., the time was right to give back to the people who needed it most. Bryan believes the bail bond industry is made of many different types of people. Bryan believes the best way to handle a bond is to respect the defendant, not treat them as guilty simply because they are charged with a crime. Bryan understands that not everyone is guilty, but even if you are, Bryan is not there to judge you, but to provide a service allowing you to bond out of jail while preparing for trial.

Bryan stated, in an interview, “Bail Bondsmen are business owners and as in any business the objective to make money. In order to make money in this business you have to provide the best service and allow people to see who you are. Many bondsmen are quick to write my essay, but do they care about the defendant? Normally, they are hoping the defendant will make a mistake so they can revoke the bond. However the defendant and co-signer are still liable for the amount of the bond. I am against these tactics and bondsman who feel this way and will not hire any person who has the reputation of this. Our job is to protect the bond and make sure the defendant goes to court, not to expect or hope that a defendant will make a mistake.”