Christopher Johnson – Director of Fugitive Recovery

chris johnson image

Christopher Johnson was born and raised in St. Louis, MO.  Christopher is married to his wife of 6 years and has three beautiful children.  Chris loves spending time with his family and hobbies to include teaching karate, refinishing furniture and working with gifted children.  Christopher has prior US ARMY MILITARY POLICE instruction with certifications in Physical Security/Crime Prevention, Anti-Terrorism, Police Transition Team, FEMA certifications and many other law enforcement certs.

Although Chris loved being a soldier and being deployed around the world for his country’s freedom, he believed he could also make a difference here on the home front. Chris has always had a vision of being able to help people around him. To make them feel like somebody cares about their well being. Christopher heard about the bail bond business when he was a military police officer. He realized this was a business where he could continue to help people outside of the military.

 Christopher is available 24/7 at 573-842-8367 and is willing to help assist you with whatever issue you may be experiencing.