Make sure you are lawfully able to be a bondsman:

  1. You must be reputable and at least 21 years old.
  2. You must have a high school diploma or GED.
  3. Within the last 15 years been found guilty of, plead guilty or nolo contendere to:
    (a)  Any felony of this state or in the United States; or
    (b)  Any other crime in this state or the United States involving moral turpitude, whether or not a sentence was imposted.
  4. Is not a lawyer.
  5. Is not an elected official, employee of the State of Missouri or any county, or other political subdivision thereof.

If you have conviction you are not disqualified to be a bondsman.  Below are instructions provided by the Missouri Department of Insurance:

  1. Disclose all criminal history whether you were sentenced or not. 
  2. Describe the circumstances about your arrest, charges and conviction.
  3. Provide a certified copy of the indictment, case information, judgement and sentencing that shows all disposition of the case.
  4. Submit all information on a separate paper when you send your application to the Department of Insurance.

Questions asked about qualifying to become a bondsman:

  1. Must I work under the authority of a General Agent?  Yes, you are required to work under the authority of a General Agent for 2 years before becoming a General Agent.
  2. If I am licensed in another state, would I have to get licensed in Missouri?  Yes, you are required to follow the statutes to become a non-resident bondsman.
  3. If I want to only be a surety recovery agent, do I have to work under the authority of a General Agent?  No.
  4. If I am a surety recovery agent, can I write bail?  No, you are only authorized to do surety recovery work.