Stephen Robison, Sr. – President

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Imperial, MO 63052

Cell:  314-660-3582
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Stephen “Steve” Robison, Sr., was born on March 7, 1950 in St. Louis, Missouri. Steve, whom most call “Dad”, married Debbie Robison on February 18, 1977. She has been his devoted companion for more than 30 years. To them were born 4 boys, all of which have excelled in their careers. They also have 10 grandchildren.

Steve was born a twin, to a single mother, and lived in the City of St. Louis. At six months old, Steve’s father left for California and never came back. As a child, Steve had to learn to do things on his own. Then he would teach his brother, Stan, and other kids in the neighborhood the things he learned. Steve was very interested in music and learned to play different instruments. Every day after school, he would get out his guitar and play  in the basement of their small home.

In high school, Steve and Stan started a band called ’Robin and the Hoods’. Steve was the lead singer and guitarist and Stan was the drummer. ‘Robin and the Hoods’ were instantly successful. They played cover songs from the fifty and sixties. Steve remembers, “We were at the Battle of the Bands, we were the best band in St. Louis. Someone got a hold of our equipment and cut the strings on our guitars, busted our drums and cut all our cords. Needless to say, we lost that battle.” Throughout many years of playing music, Steve was able to meet and play with many great artists, such as: Chuck Berry, Ike and Tina Turner, Billy Peak and many others.

At 19, Steve decided it was time to start working just after graduating. He started working at Missouri Pacific Railroad, also called “MO-Pac”. While working at MO-Pac, Steve started moving up the ranks in the Union. At age 22, he became the Local Chairman of the Desoto carmen shop. By age 25, Steve was assigned three other shops as Local Chairman: Dupo, IL, Jefferson City and St. Louis, Missouri. Steve grew in this very important position and began to write by-laws for the protection of the carmen. In 1985, Steve was bought out by MO-Pac.

This left Steve unemployed, but he had a vast knowledge of the railroad industry. He worked as a freight car inspector for 17 years. In 1986, Steve was asked by attorney Marshall Friedman to be an investigator for his law firm. He became an investigator for the firm; traveling all over the United States and investigating railroad accidents and railroad related injuries. In 1997, Steve became the Chief Investigator for the firm and had a team of eight field investigators. The firm quickly grew, by 2000, Steve had close to 20 investigators he was in charge of. For many years, he was a spokesperson for the firm and would go out and give speeches to thousands of people about the firm and protecting their rights if injured on the job. Steve gained a lot of recognition from many powerful union leaders over his tenure, most of which are still very close to him. In 2012, Steve retired after 25 years with the firm.

In September 2012 Steve was looking for something to do. His son, Bryan, approached him about becoming a bondsman. Steve took the course and became a licensed bondsman. Steve helped form Payment Bail Bonds under the auspices of his son, Bryan Travis Robison, the General Bail Bond Agent. Steve is currently writing bonds in St. Louis City & County, Jefferson County & Franklin County, which also includes municipalities that allow bondsmen. Steve’s knowledge of the legal system and transferred skills has helped him to become one of the best bondsman in the St. Louis region.

Steve is still a great musician and can play every instrument known to man. Steve has been called one of the best guitar players in the world; along with his great writing abilities. He has caught the attention of many major artists and musical icons. Steve loves to write novels and enjoys hanging out on the boat fishing. Steve is a family man and dedicates his life to what matters the most – his loved ones.